Written Works

Common Wealth in Birmingham?

Locals Frozen Out: The Unspoken Truth about the Commonwealth Games

‘Common’ wealth? Beneath the banners and tokenistic reggae-pop anthem, Perry Barr residents feel excluded from and impacted by these games, as recently reported by the Race Impact Group. I explore the true impact of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Published in Fight Racism Fight Imperialism.

Housing Crises, Cuban Solutions, Socialist Development

This paper analyses the roots of a long-standing and worsening crisis of shortages in affordable and sustainable housing construction globally, to which solutions are explored. It was identified that the crisis is driven by capital accumulation and commodification of housing, which is felt 3-4 times worse in peripheral countries, who are stuck in a cycle of dependency with core nations.

Partition Experiences: ‘International’ Law, TWAIL Perspectives

“We made for the dark back room of the house and hid atop a high wardrobe. I remember the shallowness of my breath as the footsteps rang closer. The silhouette of a solitary spear-tip pushed the door ajar, and a dusty light creaked into the room. We held our breath and prayed. ‘Nothing here! Next house!’ called a voice from the yard. The silhouette receded, as did the footsteps. The door stayed ajar.”

NGOs, Engineers, Colonialism & IMF Austerity.

Is this a new dawn for the engineer, or simply vague sophistry with which to rejuvenate the image of the engineering firm, with the aim of generating interest from a young, social-savvy workforce?

Published by Engineers Without Borders.

Full text:

Green Revolution or Toxic Cocktail? Infographic

Exploring the health effects of pesticides and chemical fertiliser in relation to the Green Revolution and Agrochemical TNCs.

Water Impact of the Green Revolution in Punjab

British rule in India oversaw an imperial co-option of the country’s grain economy, leading to famine, weakened infrastructures and refugee crises…

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