22.06.24 - 31.08.24

reflections gallery is a community-driven exhibition in the heart of handsworth, birmingham, documenting a working community in the throes a cost of living crisis

reflection - the production of an image by or as if by a mirror : an opinion formed after careful thought

photos of the people of North Birmingham, collected over 3 years👇🏽

reflections [songs, poems and stories] by local people, from carers to those seeking asylum, delivery drivers and economic migrants. See proof of concept piece, Song for the Seamstress, and sample poem CIVIC👉🏾 

translated into Urdu, Pahari, Somali, Polish, Punjabi & Bengali

foreword by Sharon Duggal, award-winning author of Handsworth Times 🔗

zines designed by Shelby X Studios containing photos, reflections and illustrations 🔗

live opening event at JAAG festival 22.06.24, organised by Literature Must Fall 🔗

Song for the Seamstress Sample Poem
CIVIC Sample Poem

photos + prints made within community | open question asked about cost of living | 41% non-responders | responses + prints exhibited @ eastside projects 2022 | community developed this work into REFLECTIONS

Saajan [Creative Lead] and Riché [Head of Comms & Outreach] promoting Reflections Gallery on Big City Radio 89.1FM


Please contact for commissions.